Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall Is Here!

It's been such a long time since I have posted.
 Dad fell, gashed his head and had several upper respiratory infections. He has one now and requires 24 hour care. I go back and forth to his home and Rome. We are finished with the renovations in Rome, but still have the landscaping to complete around the garage apartment and backyard of the duplex. We will complete that this weekend. I'm so excited to be wrapping up that project.
 I appreciate your kind emails and messages on Facebook. Your concern, support and prayers are appreciated!
Well, let's welcome Fall on the screened porch! Fall is one of my favorite seasons for the porch. We enjoy fires, at night, as the weather cools. We are fortunate to enjoy them throughout most of Winter too.
 Just a tiny change here- the white pumpkins topiaries moved from the front porch to the to the screened porch this year.
This French trough has always been a challenge for me to decorate. It's huge and requires so many items to fill it. First, I stuffed it with paper, then added the pumpkins, antlers and fillers. I found the pumpkins at Walmart. Surprisingly, they look pretty real. 
The Wedgewood plate is a thrift store find. 
This is a small vignette by the fireplace. I'm recycling the cabinet door sign I used in the kitchen last year.  I'm not adding many Mums this year because I don't want to keep them watered- lazy, I know.  
The rest of the porch is the same as last year.
 I'm really trying to stop buying items and shop the house and use what I already have.
Happy Fall!
Thank you for stopping by! Your friendship and support is appreciated!

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Evolution of a 1940's Duplex & Garage Apartment

It has been so long since I've posted. I have been burning the road up trying to complete this project in another city. You may remember that we began a renovation and update, on a 1940's property, in May 2014. First, we renovated the duplex.
 This past January we moved to the garage apartment. Throw in some hospitalizations and surgeries for Dad, my contractor and me and it has made for a very interesting year. 
Let me refresh your memory with some before photos of this unit. Hang on; they're aren't pretty! 
I was totally shocked to see the condition of all three units; this one was terrible! As you may remember, Dad turned the property over to a management when Mother died 25 years ago. She kept the property pristine and he thought they would do the same thing.
The tenant converted the garages to his personal storage during his 20 year stay. He boarded the garage doors and added the door you see here.  A lawn company was paid on a 12 month contract to do the lawn. I love the ivy growing up the building and inside the windows.  The building was also sagging in the middle. 
The side of the garage apartment contains a storage room and workshop. The far door is the entrance to the garages.
Nice shade of blue- hummmm? The yard service missed the falling tree! Imagine that! 
Here it is today! The garages are open and functioning again! Laminate beams corrected the sag. I think I could use a few of those myself! The rear of the screened porch is now a laundry room. Please excuse the yard; I have landscapers there now working away. 
Can you believe this is the same place? The contractor added wide steps so furniture can be carried up easily. The landing at the top of the steps has room for a table and chair set. After the steps cure we will stain them. The landscaper will also add shrubbery around this foundation and we'll plant grass when cooler weather arrives.
Nothing quite says welcome like a washing machine at your front door! We took half of the screened porch and turned it into an enclosed, tiled laundry room.
The kitchen after the tenant moved- so yucky! We took out the kitchen wall and opened it to the great room. The water heater
 was moved to the garage below.

The kitchen wall demolition- all the original walls were tongue and groove boards! I wanted to use these walls, but the inspector wouldn't allow us to. When we took out this wall he changed and made us go back to new construction building codes! It has been a costly nightmare adventure!

My contractor built the cabinets. I added a granite back splash with the granite counter-tops. I think it will be more durable than grouted tile. 
 This is the great room after 20 years of someone smoking in it. There were two layers of carpet over hardwood floors. I removed the window on the wall by the entrance and raised the height of the windows to gain additional space for furniture. 
I removed the wall in between the guest (blue) and master bedrooms to make one large bedroom. The master bedroom entrance stayed the same. By removing the wall we gained two feet in the bathroom and another wall for a piece of furniture.
The master bedroom- I raised this window too. I thought it might be a nice place for a dresser or desk. The small walk-in closet was the only closet in the bedroom. The guest bedroom didn't have a closet.

The demoed bedroom- We removed the window in the original bedroom so the closet would have lots of wall space.
Now, the guest bedroom is part of the master bedroom with a huge walk-in closet, the width of the room. I really love the look of the double closet doors.  The opened door is the new bathroom entrance.

Part of the reason the building had a sag in the center was the tenant made a shower where there was none. It rotted the wood around the tub, floor and beams in the garage. In this photo, we had torn out the tile to see the damage. 
 The new bathroom is two feet larger and has vintage styled black and white tile flooring. I still have to buy the glass shelf that goes under the mirror- oops!

Sadly, the vintage tub could not be saved.  I re-glazed the ones in the duplex, but this one was far too rusty. 

The inspector was a bear on this property! He made us add all new plumbing lines and electrical wiring. He cost me the center garage by making me raise the size of the out going sewer line. I had to scrap my wainscoting, crown molding and shiplap accent wall. :( 

The best part is my car fit in the garage!!! 
After many years the garages are open again and the tenants have a place to park where their cars are protected. 
Woot! Woot! 
I'm thrilled!  
Thanks for following along on this adventure with me.  

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Decorating- In The Office

Things have been crazy around our house because Dad has had bronchitis and pneumonia. He requires 24 hour care because he is weak. It will take time for him to get his strength back, he's an amazing 96 though. He's ready to get back to his routine of playing bridge and poker several times a week. Thank you for prayers and well wishes! 
So many of you have asked- yes, the construction is still going on on the garage apartment. With Dad's illness I haven't been able to go to Rome as often to take pictures. This project has been a year long adventure that is winding down now. 

Welcome to our home office
Birds and nests just seem to say Spring to me. Do you have any thing that you love to use when decorating for Spring? 
A plow disc cloche

 I just found this mirror at Kirkland's. This one isn't as formal as the other one was. The formal mirror found it's way to the duplex foyer. 
A small Spring vignette by the fireplace- 
I have grown so fond of lamps on this mantel.  I have them on a timer for night. They give off the warmest glow. I used white owls lamps for the winter mantel. I found these bird lamps at Walmart and painted them ivory to match the shades. 
I recycled the burlap bird banner and burlap flowers from last year. 
Wishing you a very happy Spring!
Thank you for stopping by today!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Has Sprung on the Porch!

This time last year I was madly painting outdoor statuary for the garden tour.
Whew, it was a job, but the proceeds went to a good cause.
Welcome to our Spring porch!
 I'm delighted warmer weather is here and have my fingers crossed that winter weather won't return. Last year we had a late freeze that froze so many budding plants. It was really sad I had so few Hydrangea blooms.  
Galvanized items always seem to be a staple when I'm decorating the porch. I'll be adding annual blooming plants when I'm sure warm weather is here to stay. 
I have been a sign painting fool lately. You can see some other versions, on cabinet doors, here.   
My "Nest" chair was on of the first items I painted. I used Annie Sloan's chalk paint and a poly acrylic finish; it has held up beautifully outside.
Last year, I bought these owl pillows.  They're designed for outdoor living. I love the bright green and hope to find a new rug to match them.

The French trough has reappeared for Spring. It's a fun piece, but one thing I wish I hadn't bought. It's too big and takes up way too much storage room. Have you ever regretted a purchase and feel stuck with it? 
This is my favorite spot to read and listen to the waterfall. 
A special gift, from a dear friend, the Gardener's Prayer.
Dollar Store moss covered rocks add a pop of green to this vintage, ironing, board server. 
I changed this sitting area last year and love watching the birds from here. They love to bathe in the waterfall. If you look closely you can see Mr. Raccoon's footy prints. That boy does love to play in the water! 
Thank you for stopping by today! Your visits are so special!

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Decorating & New Kitchen Chairs

It's been a while since I have posted. I have been a tad bit under the weather, but am getting better now. I have tried to keep up with you through your blogs and social media posts.
 Many thanks for stopping by today!
 Last year, I refinished Mother's kitchen table. It had been in storage many years. I also painted her pressed back oak chairs black. They were small and uncomfortable. We decide the look for new ,larger, comfy chairs.  I'm thrilled to say we have new chairs from Bramble & Company. 
I bought this vintage frame, at an auction, because I loved the gold tone. Now, it's my favorite chalkboard! 
I have fallen in love with this Nippon black and white stripped china! Just look at the sweet roses in the design. 
This is my Grandmother's everyday china from 1900- Noritake, The Ceylon. 
Nothing quite says Spring like cherry blossoms and bird's nests.  
This was one of my first Silhouette projects on burlap. Why didn't I have one of the machines when I had a booth? It is such a time saver!  
Oops, the wee chalkboard says, "Spring". I just couldn't get it to show up in the photo.

Here's hoping your having cherry blossom snow!
It's always great to hear from you!
Happy Spring!

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